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Various folk cultures and traditions assign symbolic meanings to plants. Although these are no longer commonly understood by populations that are increasingly divorced from their old rural traditions, some survive. In addition, these meanings are alluded to in older pictures, songs and writings. New symbols have also arisen: one of the most known in the United Kingdom is the red poppy as a symbol of remembrance of the fallen in war.

PlantMeaningRegion or culture
Asparagus foliageFascination Europe
BambooLongevity, strength, and grace China
Green willowFalse love Britain
MistletoeUsed to signify a meeting place where no violence could take place Druids
Acacia Secret love
Acanthus Art
Aconite Misanthropy
Agrimony Thankfulness
Aloe Grief
Almond Promise
Amaranth (Globe) Immortal love
Amaranth Immortality [1]
Amaryllis Pride
Ambrosia Love is reciprocated
Anemone Forsaken, sickness (negative), anticipation, undying love
Angrec Royalty
Anthurium Hospitality, happiness, abundance
Apple blossom Preference
Arborvitae Everlasting friendship
Arbutus You are the only one I love
Arum Faith, purity
Asphodel My regrets follow you to the grave
Aster Symbol of love, daintiness, talisman of love, trusting
Azalea Take care, temperance, fragile, gratitude, passion, Chinese symbols of womanhood
Baby’s breath Innocence, purity of heart
Bachelor button Single blessedness, celibacy
Balm Social intercourse or sympathy
Balsam Ardent love
Balsamine Impatience
Bay wreath Glory
Begonia Beware, a fanciful nature
Bellflower Unwavering Love
Bells of Ireland Luck
Bird’s-foot trefoil Revenge
Bird of paradise flower Liberty, magnificence, good perspective, faithfulness (given by a man to a woman)
Box Constancy
Borage Courage
Broom Humility
Bulrush Docility
Bumblebee Orchid Industry
Buttercup Riches
Cabbage Profit
Camellia japonica Unpretending excellence
Campanula Gratitude
Canterbury Bells Gratitude
CarnationgeneralFascination; distinction; love
redDeep romantic love, passion
greenSecret symbol of the followers of Oscar Wilde
white Sweet and lovely , innocence, pure love, faithfulness
pinkA woman’s love, a mother’s love
yellow Rejection , disdain , disappointment
purple Capriciousness , whimsical , changeable, unreliability
mauveDreams of fantasy
solid colorYes, affirmative
Celandine Joys to come
Cherry blossomA good education
Transience of life, Mono no aware , Wabi-sabi , gentleness, kindness (in Japan)
Feminine beauty (in China)
Chestnut Do me justice, Chastity
China aster Love of variety, fidelity
ChrysanthemumredI love
yellowPrecious one
Coreopsis Always cheerful
Cowslip Winning grace
Clove Undying love
Cloverred Industry
whiteI promise
Columbine The emblem of deceived lovers, ingratitude, faithlessness
Coriander Lust
Crocus Youthful joy, love, abuse not, Lupercalia
Cypress Death, mourning, despair, sorrow.
Daffodil Uncertainty, chivalry , respect or unrequited love, return my affection; new beginnings
Dahlia Elegance and dignity
Red Dahlia Betrayal and dishonesty
Daisygeneral Innocence , loyal love, purity, faith, cheer, simplicity; or, dissembling as in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
red Beauty unknown to possessor
Dandelion overcoming hardship
Delphinium Levity, fun, big-hearted, ardent attachment, joy
Eglantine rose A wound to heal
Elderflower Compassion
Fennel Strength or, as in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a Cuckold [2]
Forget-me-not True love, don’t forget me
Foxglove Insecurity [3]
Fungus Resilience, loneliness, solitude, disgust
Gardenia Secret love, joy, sweet love, good luck
Geranium Gentility , determination
Gladiolus Strength of character, honor, conviction
Gorse Love in all seasons
HeatherpurpleSolitude, beauty, admiration
Heliotrope Devotion
Hibiscus Rare and delicate beauty
Hollyhock Ambition
Honeysuckle Devoted affection, bonds of love
Houseleek Domestic economy
Hydrangea Frigidness , heartlessness (negative), heartfelt gratitude for being understood
Iris Good news
Ivy Dependence, endurance, faithfulness
Jasmine Unconditional and eternal love (in the Philippines and Hinduism)
Jonquil Return my affection
Laurel Ambition, success, renown
Laurestine A token
Lavender Devotion, distrust
Lemon blossom Discretion
Lilac purple First emotion of love
whiteYouthful innocence, memories
scarlet High-souled aspirations
orange Desire, passion, hatred (negative)
Lily of the valley Sweetness, humility, returning happiness, Trust
Linaria bipartita Please notice my love/feelings for you
Lime blossom Fornication
Lobelia Malevolence
Lotus Purity, chastity and eloquence; rebirth
Love lies bleeding Hopelessness
Magnolia Love of nature
Mallow Consumed by love
Marigold Pain and grief
Mayflower Welcome
Mignonette Worth
Mint Suspicion
Moonflower Dreaming of love
Morning glory Love in vain
Mullein Good-nature
Narcissus Unrequited love, selfishness
Nasturtium Patriotism
Nettle (stinging) life and death, protection [4] as in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Oak leafStrength
Oats Music
Olive Peace
Orchid Refined beauty
Oxeye daisy Patience
Pansy Thoughts (according to Ophelia of Hamlet) Sometimes referring to “lover’s thoughts”
Peach blossomLong-life, generosity, and bridal hope
Pear blossomLasting friendship
Peony Shame, bashfulness, anger
Prosperity, honor (in China)
Masculinity, bravery (in Japan)
Phlox Harmony
Pitch pine blossomPhilosophy
Plum blossomBeauty and longevity
Plumeria Perfection, springtime, new beginnings
Primrose Eternal love
Protea Courage
PoppygeneralEternal sleep, oblivion , imagination
redPleasure, sacrifice, remembrance
whiteConsolation, dreams, modern, peace
yellowWealth, success
Rainflower I love you back, I must atone for my sins, I will never forget you
RoseredTrue love
blue Mystery, attaining the impossible, love at first sight
whiteSilence or innocence, wistfulness, virtue, purity, secrecy, reverence and humility
dried white roseSorrow
black Death, hatred, farewell, rejuvenation or rebirth
yellowFriendship, jealousy, infidelity, apology, a broken heart, intense emotion, undying love, extreme betrayal
pink Grace
dark pinkGratitude
light pinkDesire, passion, joy of life, youth, energy
burgundy Unconscious beauty
coral or orangeDesire, passion
lavender ( violet ) Love at first sight
red and white togetherUnited
red and yellow togetherJoy, happiness and excitement
thornless Love at first sight
Rosemary Remembrance
Rue Regret, sorrow, repentance
Sensitive plant Sensitivity
Snowdrop Consolation or hope
Star of Bethlehem Atonement, reconciliation
Straw United
Sunflower Pure and lofty thoughts, adoration, longevity, loyalty
Sweetbrier Simplicity
Sweetpea Gratitude
Thorn-apple Disguise
Thistle Nobility, Warning [5]
Thyme Thriftiness
Tulip-tree Fame
TulipredUndying love, Passion, Perfect love
pinkCaring, Good wishes, Friendship, Joyful Occasions, Confidence
purpleNobility/Royalty, Rebirth, Spring
whiteForgiveness, Remembrance, Worthiness, Sincerity
yellowCheerful thoughts, Sunshine, Hope
blueRespect, Tranquility, Trust
orangeUnderstanding, Appreciation, Truest love
blackPower, Strength, Supreme elegance
variegatedBeautiful eyes
purpleDaydreaming, Love between two women
Viscaria ( Lychnis viscaria )Invitation to dance
Willow (creeping) Love forsaken
Winged seeds (any kind)Messengers
Wisteria Welcoming
Witch-hazel A magic spell
Wheat Wealth and prosperity
Wormwood Absence, bitter sorrow
Ylang-Ylang Never-Ending love

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