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Former Charleston County Register Of Deeds Endorses Tom Hartnett Jr.

By Christian LeBlanc for The Island Eye News

Tom Harnett, Jr. with his wife Alison and three children, Thomas, Rhett and Nicholas.

Former Charleston County Register of Deeds Charlie Lybrand has endorsed the Tom Hartnett Jr. for Register of Deeds campaign.

“I am proud to endorse Tom Hartnett Jr. for Charleston County Register of Deeds. As the former Register of Deeds (formerly RMC), I know that Tom plans to build on the improvements that have been made and continue the great service that our Office is known for. Good luck Tom! You have my vote and my family’s vote.”


Lybrand was the head of the Charleston County Register of Deeds office from 1994 to 2017.

Tom Hartnett Jr. is a native and lifelong resident of the Charleston area. He is married to his wife Alison and they have three children: Thomas, Rhett, and Nicholas.

Tom Hartnett, Jr. and his wife Alison.

He is the owner and president of Hartnett Realty, where he has over 20 years of experience in appraisal work, consultation, sales, and courtroom testimonies.


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* All deeds conveying an interest in land and all mortgages of real estate executed after July 1, 1976, must include a derivation clause in the property description. A derivation clause should appear on the deed and includes the following: "Being the same property conveyed to __________________ by deed of ________________ dated __________ and recorded ____________ in the RMC Office for Charleston County in Book _______ and Page _______."
However, when the deed of derivation has been simultaneously executed and delivered and has not then been recorded it is sufficient to set forth in the deed the name of the grantor of the deed of derivation, the date, and that it is to be recorded. When the grantor’s title was obtained by inheritance or devise, the derivation clause must include the name of the person from whom the title was acquired, the approximate date of acquisition, and, in the case of property acquired under a probated will or administered estate, the probate court in which such estate was filed. Do not leave any blanks in the derivation clause. A derivation clause is not needed for property devoted to a utility or railroad purpose of any private or public utility or railroad, a quit claim deed, or a non-warranty deed of real property.

* Before any deed of conveyance of real property, including timber deeds, leases, and conveyances of timber, can be recorded, it must have an endorsement by the county auditor.


An affidavit showing the value of the realty also needs to be filed when submitting a deed for recordation. If the deed is exempt, the value is not required to be stated on the affidavit, but the reason for exemption must be stated on the affidavit.

The affidavit must be signed by a responsible person connected with the transaction, and the connection must be stated. The register of deeds may waive the affidavit requirement at his discretion.

The total consideration paid should be indicated on the face of the deed. If the amount paid is not indicated, or has the words "in other consideration" or if a trade of property is involved, an Affidavit of True Consideration must be attached in order to reflect the actual value of the transaction.

A quit claim deed is subject to documentary stamps if there is a consideration paid. An affidavit of exempt transfers is required.

A sample affidavit is available on the Charleston County RMC website. An affidavit for exempt transfers is also available for viewing.

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