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Most Popular

Doing the Dishes… or Procrastinating
About It
The Boss Made Me Angry Today
How to Get Self-Control Who Controls You?
Addiction Recovery & Procrastination   Podcast 1     Podcast 2       Video Series You’re a Bad Girl… or Boy  


Enlightened Self-Interest Tackling Your Dire Need for Approval
I Am Not My Behavior The Trouble with Self-Esteem
Overcoming the Rating Game USA: Unconditional Self-Acceptance

Stages of Change

Stages of Change Enchancing the Stages of Change
Understanding the Stages of Change So What’s All This Talk About Change?

Rational Thinking

Anger: A Disabling Emotion Feelings versus Thoughts
Anti-Awfulizing Guilt, Resentment and Blame
Are You Aware of Your Thoughts? Habits and Feelings
Behaving Well vs Feeling Good Irrationalities Related to Low Frustration Tolerance (LFT)
Being Where You Are and Doing What’s Important Irrationality Defined
Break Out From the Vicious Circle of Anxiety Looking at Root Problems
Cognitive Distortions Mindfulness
Common Self-Defeating Attitudes Rational and Irrational Beliefs
Core Beliefs   Self-Control  
Family Systems The Pillars of Irrationality

Additional Articles and Essays

Abstinence vs. Moderation Principles and Practices
Introduction to REBT Risk-Reward Analysis
Why Abstinence?