Honesty Is the Key to Success

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Honesty Is the Key to Success

Coco Yang

     I am
convinced that honesty is the most important characteristic and will lead to a
successful life. I firmly agree to Benjamin Franklin’s saying that “Honesty is
the best policy.” Honest people can be successful in life for some reasons as
     First, being honest can breed trust.
No one wants to stick with the dishonest people and hang out with a group of
liars. People hanging out with liars will be surrounded with lies and fake
hopes. On the other hand,people who live an honest life and make friends with
honest people can never be afraid of being exposed to lies because they are
influenced by each other in a good way. Moreover, honesty can breed trust. And
trust makes it easier to build business.For example, a salesperson occasionally
earned profits through using a lie and even led to a successful sale. However,
his clients found out about the lie one day and it had caused so much damage
that he could never get back their trust. In this story, I learned that honesty
is the fundamental stone. Life is easier for honest people to get a successful business,
since they can win trust from people dealing with them.
     Second, an honest person is favored by
the employers. I assume that employers do not like their employees to have any
dishonest behavior. A dishonest behavior such as stealing money will break
people’s trust. In that case, it will lead to “No jobs.” Therefore, I think
honesty is a required characteristic for a successful life as it is unlikely that
a dishonest person will obtain a satisfactory employment.
    Third, an honest person can have an
easier life, for he or she doesn’t have to worry about keeping lies. Everyone
has his or her own definition of a successful life. I define an easier life as
a successful life and I think leading a successful life is very difficult for a
dishonest person, as keeping a lie will make one anxious while working or
studying. When I was working at Dorney Park this summer, a girl named Sherry
got fired because she kept a lie that her coworkers had stolen aqua-socks and
she didn’t report the event to her supervisor. From that moment on, I had
realized that it was not the life that I would be pursuing. If she had reported
to her supervisor immediately, she would not have been punished and her
supervisor would have thought differently. I think an experience like this
would be a stigma in one’s life.

conclusion, I believe that the most important characteristic of a successful
person is honesty.
To make my argument more convincing, I provide
powerful evidence showing that honesty is the best policy and can lead to a
successful life.