Inter-caste Marriage Certificate

Inter-caste Marriage Certificate

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    Kerala Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

    Kerala Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

    Post by: Renu Suresh in Kerala Government
    Guides » Kerala Government » Kerala Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

    Kerala Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

    The government of Kerala provides financial assistance to inter-caste married couple under the Kerala inter-caste marriage scheme. To avail this benefit, couples from different caste need to submit an intercaste marriage certificate. Sub-registrar offices in Kerala issue this certificate to inter-caste married couples. In this article, we look at the Kerala inter-cast marriage scheme in detail.

    Register Marriage at Sub Register Office

    Inter-caste married couple should get a marriage registration certificate from Sub Register office where the marriage has happened in order to apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate. The registration certificate will be issued within two weeks from date of registration.

    Documents Required 

    Supporting documents need to be furnished to obtain inter-caste marriage certificate in Kerala is listed below.

    • Ration card
    • Income certificate of both wife & husband
    • Caste certificate of couples
    • Marriage registration certificate (Certificate issued by Sub Registrar’s office)
    • Identity proof such as Aadhaar card or voter ID

    Kerala inter-caste marriage certificate will be issued 7 days from the date of application. 

    Inter0caste Marriage Certificate Application Fee

    Applicant need to pay following fee for applying inter-caste marriage certificate in Kerala.

    • To apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate through Akshaya centres in Kerala, applicants need to pay Rs.28. (This amount includes all service charges)
    • Inter-caste marriage certificate online application fee is Rs.15.

    Applying for Inter-caste Marriage Certificate through Akshaya Centers

    Follow this simple step to apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate through Akshaya Centers:

     Step 1: Visit Akshaya Centres in your locality.

    Step 2: Apply for inter-caste marriage certificate with help of Akshaya centre service person.

    Step 3: Pay the fee for application and service charges.

    Step 4: After application submission, get a receipt for future reference.

    Step 5: You will get a SMS regarding the progress of your inter-caste marriage certificate application.

    Step 6: Once the application is received by the department, you will get a SMS as ‘certificate approved’. Once approved,  you can get your digitally signed inter-caste marriage certificate.

    Applying for Inter-caste Marriage Certificate Online

    Guidelines to apply for inter-caste marriage certificate online in Kerala is given below:

    Step 1: Visit Kerala e-District web portal main page.

    Step 2: Log in to the portal using e-portal user name and password

    Image 1 Get Inter Caste - Marriage Certificate in Kerala
    Image 1 Get Inter Caste – Marriage Certificate in Kerala

    Step 3: In case of a new user, click on Portal user registration link in main page.

    Step 4: The page will redirect to next page, enter all details for registration.

    Image 2 Get Inter Caste - Marriage Certificate in Kerala
    Image 2 Get Inter Caste – Marriage Certificate in Kerala

    Step 5: After registration, click on one time registration button.

    Step 6: Select duplicate verification. This verification will find out if you have already registered through any Akshaya Centers.

    Step 7: After successful verification, click on submit button.

    Enter Certificate Details

    Step 8: Enter your e-District register Number and Select Certificate type and its purpose.

    Step 9: Enter name and all other details. Click on save button to save entered details.

    Attachment Documents

    Step 10: In this section, you need to upload all required documents as said above.

    Note: You can attach only PDF file. Maximum allowable file size is 100 KB.

    Make Payment

    Step 11: After uploading documents, make payment for processing inter-caste marriage certificate. You can make payment by using any of the following.

    • Payment through Debit card or Credit card
    • Payment through Net banking
    • Wallet payment
    • IMPS
    • Cash card prepaid

    Step 12: After successful fee payment the page will be redirected to next page. From here, you can take print out of inter-caste certificate receipt and application.

    Download Inter-caste Marriage Certificate

    Step 13: Check frequently the status of your application by login on to portal. It will be available in transaction history tab. After receiving a certificate approved SMS, download certificate from e-District web portal.

    02 Aug 2018

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    Which temples in Kerala conduct inter-caste marriages?

    2 Answers

    Divaker V Vittal

    Divaker V Vittal , Expert In Tradition, Culture, Folklore, History, Hinduism

    It is always better to get married in a temple and get it registered in sub registrar office. The marriage certificate can be of use.

    Same way you can use the Arya Samaj, you don’t find a caste column in it for getting married, they also provide a marriage certificate.

    If you are planning a marriage with the family members as witness, then you can go for any devi temple group marriages which are conducted annually in Kerala, after this July 27th it may be announced in the temple, please check.

    Vijay Sharma

    Vijay Sharma , former . Labour Welfare Commissioner Central MSW iss Agra at Ministry of Defence, India (1980-2014)

    No specific information please

    How ever Aryasamaj and gurdwara belong to cast less society and provide services to all religion.fellowers

    Find out any one

    Beside this Marriage magistrate may also be there for court marriage.

    Regarding other places of worship .. Please enquir yourself directly.

    About the Author: admin