LaLobe Ear Piercing Salon Contact Us

LaLobe Ear Piercing Salon Contact Us

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La Lobe

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La Lobe

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Ear Piercing Salon

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Baby Piercing

Minors Up to 18yr

Adults 18yr and Up

Welcome to LaLobe
We are a family operated salon whose delight has been to pierce customers that live in the Dallas/FortWorth area or that may be visiting from other parts of the world. We specialize in infant ear piercing, ear lobes, and safe body piercings. LaLobe sets itself apart from all other piercing places… Our goals are to make the piercing process as painless, quick, and even as possible. We do not use the infamous gun method. When using a piercing gun there is not a lot of control over placement or angle. These are two important parts of any piercing. By conducting hand piercings, we are able to control the placement and angle, giving you the best possible piercing.
Our Team
Nancy Stewart

Nancy Stewart

Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart


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