Summary on multi tasking #1

In the article Multitasking Can
Make You Lose… Um… Focus by Alain Tugend 
It talks about how multitasking can actually harm your learning.  Alain Tugend is a columnist for The New
York times. Also she had some of her writings in the Los Angelis Times, The Saturday
Evening Post, and The Journalism Review. This specific article appeared in The
New York Times in 2008.  

of the main things you can take away from this article is that even though you
think you are saving valuable time, you aren’t.  It Is proven that the human brain has a large area called
the prefrontal cortex. In this area of the brain there is something called the
“executive control’ This helps your mind change from focus to focus in the
matter of seconds.  When your mind
is switching its focus it is less effective then if you were giving your full
attention to one thing.  The phrase
“e-mail voice”  describes a person
who isn’t give there full attention to 
the person they are speaking to. As if you were on the phone and all the
sudden the person you were talking to sounded disengaged they were probably
trying to multitask.

surprising fact you might lean in this article is that multitasking is not
necessarily all bad. For example if you were doing homework and listening to
classical music that could be helpful not harmful, depending on the
person!  On the other had if you
were talking on the phone while writing a paper that would be classified as a
bad way to multitask. It’s all about using your time to it’s full advantage.