Premarital Classes The Marriage Courses

Premarital Classes The Marriage Courses

  • Modules
    • Getting Started
    • Common Myths and False Expectations That Lead to Divorce
    • God’s Biblical Blueprint for Marriage
    • Communication Skills #101
    • Conflict Resolution – Your Rules of Engagement
    • Do’s And Don’ts of Great Parenting
    • Dollar $ense  $tewardship
    • The Most Important Skill of All
    • Your Safety Net When Times Get Tough
    • Avoiding the 6 Divorce Predictors
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image001“Fantastic ministry! … A comprehensive Biblically-based resource that provides HELP  HOPE for those couples dreaming of an exciting and fulfilling lifelong journey together!”
Rev. Bob Myers
image003“This is a game changer! ….This is a great tool for busy pastors to provide excellent premarital counseling for their congregations.”
Rev. George Hobbs
image005“What got me hooked was the professionalism of Premarital University… If we give couples the necessary tools they can make marriage work.”
Rev. Ivan Omana M. Div. BCPC
image008“Finally! A pre-martial counseling course that you can trust and use to be sure that your engaged couples are getting the foundation they need for a long-lasting marriage!… Fun and important to couples who want their marriages to last… it helps to get their marriage off on the right foundation!”
Renee Silverman
image010“This premarital course is a must for every couple…it will definitely help divorce-proof your marriage.”
Marriage Mentors, Robert  Connie Edwards

What the experts say about marriage preparation:

image004“It’s the most romantic thing you can do! If you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with — share everything from the bathroom to your bank account and babies with — then taking a course to learn everything the experts know about how to keep your love alive is as romantic as it can get”.


Diane Sollee, founder and director of Smart Marriages® and the collation for marriage, family and couples education.
image005“Our divorce courts are not filled with poor marriages – they are filled with poorly prepared marriages.”
Dennis Rainey, president, CEO and cofounder of family life and has written or co-authored more than a dozen books.
image006“The Best Time to save a marriage is before it starts”
Les Parrott, has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books on relationships

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Premarital Classes

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Premarital Classes at The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Are you in a serious relationship, engaged, or planning to become married? If so, we strongly encourage you to attend The Brooklyn Tabernacle premarital classes. Semesters are held throughout the year and are held over 6 consecutive weeks. To begin the process, please fill out the form below.

Any member wishing to get married at The Brooklyn Tabernacle must first attend these classes. For further information on starting the premarital process, please call (718) 290-2234 .

Premarital Class Application Form


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Marriage Preparation Classes

Sign up for the marriage preparation class that’s best for you below.

After attending your marriage prep class, you can now customize your PreCana experience! Choose the  supplemental videos appropriate to your unique situation. The videos cover topics such as cohabitation, children of divorce, forming a stepfamily; second, military, interfaith and interchurch, and African American marriages. There are downloadable resources and worksheets available as well. 

For cancellation policy click here.

Register for:

| Calendar

  • A: PreCana
    – One day in person Catholic marriage preparation class. Detailed description | Register
  • B: Online OnDemand Catholic Marriage Prep Class
    – For couples that cannot attend a day class. It is available with captioning especially appropriate for the Deaf and hard of hearing.
  • C: One in Christ
    – This 2 day seminar will provide you with an all-inclusive and comprehensive appreciation for and knowledge of the Vocation and Sacrament of Marriage.$250. Detailed description | Register
  • D: Precana en espa�ol
    – Programa de preparaci�n matrimonial para las parejas que no viven juntos y no estan casados por lo civil.
  • E: Precan� Especial en espa�ol
    – Programa de preparaci�n matrimonial para las parejas que est�n casados por lo civil o est�n viviendo juntos y ahora desean casarse por la iglesia.
  • Preparaci�n Matrimonial Cat�lica en l�nea
    – PreCana en l�nea y al instante. Inscribase .

Articles | Resources

  • Catholic Marriage Prep Class
    – Online, On-Demand Marriage Preparation Class
  • FAQs
    – Frequently asked questions about getting married and PreCana.
  • History of Marriage Ministry in Chicago
    – We have been the leaders in Marriage Ministry since 1944. Read about the history of marriage prep in Chicago, starting with the Cana Conference through the Marriage and Family Ministries Office.


  • Planning a Catholic Wedding Pamphlet
    – List of dates and locations for marriage preparation classes.
  • Sacrament and Vocation of Marriage
    – Read this before you attend your PreCana.
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