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 NumberLast NameFirst NameTitleYearType
 299DurhamDewitt Cognitive Load Management In Software Training Materials2018Project
 298Yue FungCheuk Effects of Secondary Task On Warning Alerts in Autonomous Driving2018Project
 297Rathinasamy SaaikishoreApplying User-Centered Design Framework to Physical Spaces2018Project
 296Goenka OmprakashManishaChatbot’s Influence on User Decision by Utilizing Persuasive Design Principles In
Regard to Environmental Sustainability
 295Yue Fung CheukEffects of Secondary Task on Warning Alerts in Autonomous Driving 2018Project
 294 SumnerAnnaIndividual Differences In Mind – Wandering and Learning: The Impact of Questions in
Massive Open Online Courses
 293ChaoAlexanderA Usability Evaluation of the Netflix Mobile Application2018Project
 292SchusterDavidReliability Presentation as a Moderator of Trust2018Project
 291TaklikarSharvariA Mobile Application for students to access the information related to the career
at San Jose State University “Spartajobs”
 290SantamariaTriciaA Comparison of Onboarding Styles Between User Experience Architectures2018Project
 289SirohiAsthaDifference in Humans Conversing with Chatbot And Humans2018Project
 288SreeshaKruthi MysoreComparing Multimodal Feedback on Task Performance and Workload during Mobile Gaming2018Project
 287Russell RickyTesting Human Autonomy Teaming Concepts on a Global Positioning System Under Heavy
Traffic Condtions
 286YuXiaoMobile App Design for Sports Pickup Games2017Project
 285SrishvaKavithaUnified Mobile Ticketing Application for Bay Area Public Transport2017Project
 284CastagnoloMichaelA Study of Chart Junk on Smartphones2017Project
 283QuanJennifer Effect of Paging vs. Scrolling on Reading Informed Consent2017Project
 282NerpioCornelius Optimal Placement of In-Vehicle Hud Messaging Based On Driving Performance Costs2017Project
 281StrybelDavidStudy of Effectiveness of Civilian Pepper Spray Designs During Self-Defense Situations:
A Pilot Study
 280WangSenxuanApplying User-Centered Design Framework to Physical Spaces2017Project
 279TuChia-WeiEye-tracking Analysis of User Behavior in a Shopping Site’s Search Results Page with
Different Components and Layers
 278MehrotraNishthaEffect of Pitch and Speaking Rate on Trust in Human Robot Interaction2017Project
 277JohnsonChelseaForces Behind Intuitive Use: Prior Experience and Affordances2017Project
 276RenemaFritzThe Effect of Simulated Visual Vibration on a Concept Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV)
Advanced Caution and Warning System 
 275WuJackie How New Parents Organize and Share Their Pictures – Contextual Inquiry to Identify
the Design Requirements for Private Tagging
 274LeAndyA Comparison of Video Games and Educational Games with a Focus on Design Elements2017Project
 273WuQinqeEvaluation of Task Switching Performance and Perceived Workload with Heart Rate Variability
 272PayneChanceThe Effect of Age on Flow in Video Games2017Project
 271CaballeroCipactlyEffects of Sit-Stand Intervention for Increased Adherence to Postural Changes2017Project
 270RamakrishnanKeerthikaEstablishing Situational Awareness in Vehicle Take Back Scenarios using Car Seat Vibration2017Project
 269GaribaldiMarkHuman Factors Evaluation of Hand Hygiene Compliance in a Healthcare Setting 2017Project
 268FengYiEffect of Change Blindness on Different Sized Screens Using Animated Transitions 2016Project
 267WuHui-MinSmartphone On-Screen Input Methods Performance Comparison2016Project
 266JordanBobAn Analysis of Object Based and Action Based Interaction Designs2016Project
 265JoharSahibaDiner are Indivduals, Individualizing the User Experience of Dining Menus2016Project
 264NadaBayanEffects of Watch Type, Ambient Illumination, & Font Size on the Readability of Text
on Smartwatch Devices
 263YoungTiffanyReduction of Alarm Fatigue: A Human Factors Assessment2016Project
 262NitzAlyssaA Comparison of Computer Input Devices on Student Performance and Experience in a
Reading Application
 261IshakDanielleAnalysis of Elderly Human-Robot Team Trust Models2016Project
 260RuivoSamanthaThe Effects of Method of Control and Gaming Experience on Performance and Level of
Engagement in Mobile Gaming
 259TomkoLindaImpact of Correlated and Uncorrelated Noise on Binocular Perception2014Thesis
 258PhiTuan-KhaAn Analysis of Learning Methods with Regards to Backpack Ergonomics2016Project
 257Zarate-SanderlinAlessandraEffect of Instruction Format and Availability on Discharge Instruction Recall and
 256ShokrpourAurianaEffects of Data Visualization on Perceived Trustworthiness of Online Content2016Project
 255WuGowaData Wrangling: A Comparison of Software Tools2016Project
 254VoraDarshilEffect of Different Types of Search Relevancy on Performance, Accuracy and Satisfaction
of Information Retrieval
 253VisichTimNurse-Tablet and Standing Computer Workstation Interaction: Posture in the Context
of a Healthcare Setting
 252CeballosGuillermoInvestigating Webpage Switching Performance On Mobile Web Browsers2016Project
 251WangMike (Guan)The Relationships Among User Experience, Student Characteristics and Student Performance
in Evaluating An Online Statistics Course
 250MitchellCharlesCaptology of Mobile Fitness Applications, and Its Application on Run Performance2016Project
 249ValladaoWillMesauring the Effect of Metaphorical Fuel Efficiency Gauges in Automotive Dashboard
 248GamaObethSnacks Behind The Wheel: Simulated Driving Performance of Eating and Drinking While
 247AroraShobana SubramanianA Custom E-Reader App for the Brain-Muscle-Computer-Interface: Conceptual Design2015Project
 246AroraShobana SubramanianDesign of Graphical User Interfaces for Brain-Computer Systems: A Review of Literature2015Project
 245VermaNehaEvaluation of Google Glass’s Navigation Feature for Pedestrians2015Project
 244FraserMary LEthical Decision Making of User Experience Professionals2015Project
 243TobiasCrystalOlder Users and In-Vehicle Infotainment Navigation Map Use2015Project
 242MendezDouglas CUser Impact of Simple Feedback on Touch-Screen Based Devices2015Project
 241VolzJacobGamification of an Introductory Online Statistics Course Using Gambling Mechanics2015Project
 240SivakumarAishwaryaEvaluation and Redesign of Lam Spectra Analyzer2015Project
 239OrthDanielDetermination of A Mouse Device That Enables Best Performance by the Non-Dominant
 238GaleonMargaretRedesigning Hand Hygiene Interactions: A Human Factors Approach to Improving Hand
Hygiene Compliance in the Medical Surgery Unit
 237GallJayExploring the Influence of Visual Saliency on Banner Advertisement Within Web Pages2015Project
 236RogersSteveEffect of Key Layout on Spatial and Temporal Accuracy in Beginner Music Exercises2015Project
 235SwettDanielThe Impact of Device Usability on Self-Injections2015Project
 234McEvoyPeterContextualizing Mnemonic Phrase Passwords2015Project
 233VelinskyElizabethEffects of Doodling and Presentation Mode on Mind Wandering and Attention to Lecture
 232BienenfeldStacieSituation Awareness Study on 2014 September Issue of Vogue2015Project
 231FordSaraCoding An Augmented Reality Pursuit Rotor for Studying Continuous Skills Using The
Kinect V2 Sensor
 230ChingPatrickEffect of IFU Formatting on User Performance with a Novel Device2015Project
 229LaCrossRyanThe Effect of Humorous Interfaces on the User Experience2015Project
 228SilvermanEvanThe Effects of Spatial Ability and Menu Structure on User Performance During Electronic
Menu Navigation Tasks
 227SchabelRyanThe Effects of Distraction Type and Conversation Topic on Driver Performance and Situation
 226PanpaliaPrachiDistractions in Virtual Meetings2015Project
 225TsengYu-ShanCan Visual Instructions Help Rescuers While Using an Automated External Defibrillator?2015Project
 224XiongJieUI Design Stereotypes of Clickable Icon and Button Elements2015Project
 223AndersonAshleyCaptology Principles and Their Level of Persuasion on Solar Panel Purchase Decisions2015Project
 222HaffeziArianDesign mHealth Smartphone Applictions2015Project
 221KagelPazitDesign of ePRO Reports for Clinicians Better Decision Making2015Project
 220CookNathanAn Investigation of the Effectiveness of Persuasive Mechanics in Social Network Registrations2015Project
 219JaradBellIncognito: Shoulder Surfing Resistant PIN Entry Method2015Project
 218PonnadaSoujanyaTactile Keyboard: An evaluation of typing efficieny and satisfaction on tactile interface2014Project
 217LeeTiffanyBiomechanics and Joy of Use in Novel Multimodal Interactions2014Project
 216WilliamsJosephEffects of Altering In-Vehicle Touch Screen Size and Design on Driver Performance2014Project
 215McConnellMeganEffects of Alternative Mouse Design and Mouse Positioning on Task Performance2014Project
 214CarrollBenEffect of Task Variables and Color on Assembly Time2014Project
 213YamaguchiAsukaEffects of Noise, Light, and Airflow on Office Occupant Comfort and Work Performance2014Project
 212CheungZhengEffects of Game Controls Mechanics on First Person Shooting in Virtual Environments
with the Oculus Rift
 211LeeLotusRe-Designing Permission Requirements to Encourage BYOD Policy Adherence2014Project
 210AckermanAaronRange Anxiety and Impact Awareness in Electrical Vehicle2014Project
 209WilkersonWyattApplication of the Emotiv EPOC for Usability Testing Measurement2014Project
 208ZhengSiyuanEvaluation of the Performance of the Google Glass Bone Conduction Headphone in Different
Noisy Environments
 207GonzalezBobbyAn Eye Gaze Analysis of Content-Based vs. Collaboratively Filtered Product Recommendations
 206DavisMorganProgress Bars and Their Influence on Cognitive Load and Other Performance Measures
in Computer Based Assessment
 205MedinaAileenEffects of Sit-Stand Desk Stations on Working Posture, Productivity, & Comfort Among
Computer Desktop Users
 204WengerMaxUsing Electroencephalography to Index and Evaluate Player Engagement in Dynamic Difficulty
Adjustment Systems
2014Final Paper
 203PalanPoojaThe Icon Project: Usability of icons replacing product labels2011Project
 202KaramiIsaacRead-Back Format Effect on Air Traffic Controller Error Detection Ability Project
 201DesaiAmishEvaluating a hotel check-in/check out kiosk for environmental, hardware, and software
issues relating to user experience
 200TranThanhResponsive Web Browsing Performance Along Different Form Factors2014Project
 199Vaughn-LumaDustinDesigning Mobile Touch Gesture Cues For Guided Instruction and Performance2014Project
 198WendtJamesExpertise and Point-Of-intercept on Visuo-Motor Delay and Temportal Accuracy in a
Virtual Motion Task
 197WuSampsonProcess Flow Mapping and Root Cause Analysis of Fixed Asset Management at Santa Clara
Vally Medical Center
 196YiLinLinManaging Perceived Waiting Time on Mobile Phone Travel Applications2014Project
 195UppalapatiAbhijithVideo Conferencing Tool Design2014Project
 194BrickEricaA Human Factors Evaluation of Website Designs2014Project
 193SalomonAriMenu Design of M-Commerce Applications: A Human Factors Approach to Menu Design for
Mobile Commerce Applications
 192CarterSamThe Effects of Information Presentation on Navigation Performance2014Project
 191GieberJenniferDesigning for Hands Free Content Delivery on Google Glass2014Project
 190WheelwrightScottComparison of Local and Remote Moderated Usability Testing Methods2014Project
 189VoraShivamA Human Factors Assessment of Grocery Store Self Checkout Kiosks2014Project
 188JonasSuzanneGamification and Online Community Participation2014Project
 187TruongThe AnhThe Effects of Distractions on User Primary Task Performance Using the Google Glass
 186CawitCherrylynGame Flow: Integrating Physiological and Performance-based DDA Mechanisms to Enhance
Player Experiences
 185JaiswalNidhiComparison of Different Interaction Modes in Google Glass2014Project
 184SeropianGabrielaBook Smarts and Street Smarts: Practical Intelligence and its Relationship to Patient
Safety Errors in Nurse Performance
 183HuntSarahThe Impact of Trajectory Prediction Uncertainty on Reliance Strategy and Trust Attitude
in an Automated Air Traffic Management Environment
 182GannonKathyImproving Children’s E-books through Text Treatments2013Project
 181KooDavidThe Effects of Gesture Interfaces on Cognitive Load While Performing Simulated Driving
 180ZhangJianThe Effects of Menu Structure and Speech Rate on User Experience of Interactive Voice
Response Systems
 179SaludEllenDeveloping a library of display effects on pilot performance: Methods, meta-analyses,
and performance estimates
 178TaulaMargaritaEffect of Level of Automation and Failure Frequency on Operator Performance2013Thesis
 177IstanGabrielaDesigning Affordances on Embedded Interfaces2013Thesis
 176BloschJustinEffects of Chronic Regulatory Focus and Feedback Framing on Persuasive Technology2013Project
 175ManginiJosephGaming and Vigilance Tasks as a Predictor for X-Ray Scanning Abilities2013Project
 174WhitakerCarsonThe Influence of Voice and Touch Screen Controls on Driver Distraction, Situation
Awareness, and Cognitive Load
 173VaidyanathanVidyaA comparative study of simple computer interactions using touchscreen and 3D hand
 172NissenbaumDanielDirect and Indirect Input Modality In-Car Telematics Systems2013Project
 171KyiJoyceEffects of Laptop Tilt Angle and Distance on Posture and Muscle Activity2013Project
 170MamaghaniAbeEffective Auditory Alarms For Medical Devices2013Project
 169LuuJessicaThe Influence of Input Controls For Vehicle Entertainment Systems on Driver’s Situation
 168SaqqarNizar M.Effects of Using a Vertical Mouse on Errors, Motion Time, Ergonomics, and the User
 167GriffethLauraEffects of Text Redundancy and Visual Cueing in Screencasts on Learning2012Project
 166KawamuraMasashiEffect of Different Types of Icon Frames on Icon Search Efficiency2012Project
 165ShimukNatashaBest Approaches In Design of Mall Directories2012Project
 164QuinteroSoidMeasuring ‘The WOW Factor’2012Project
 163YuHuaScrolling or Paging: Situation Awareness on Mobile Interfaces2012Project
 162DaveShaileeEffects of Hyperlinks Display on Touch-Screen Mobile Devices2012Project
 161MooreJahsanConsole Controller Design:A Comparison of PS3 and XBO360 Devices for Safety2012Project
 160BrownStephenEffect of Note-Taking on Note Features and Recall2012Project
 159CaoYiAn Investigation into Different Strategies for Designing Online Form Validation2012Project
 158KothariAshnaEffects of Mental Models and Screen Size on User Performance with Websites and Apps
on Mobile Devices
 157MahlstedtEric A.The Ergonomic Risks of Brewing Beer2012Project
 156FarrellAllison M.Effects of Measurement Integration and Display Media on Recipe Execution2012Project
 155WolterCynthia AA Quantitative Operator Stool and Magnification Loupe Intervention Analysis For Dental
 154BoroumandNasson J.S.The Effect of Page Turn Indicator Design on the Use of Two-sided Poster
 153DoddavuluDeepthi ReddiEffects of Disfluency on Reading Comprehension, Retention and Discoverability2011Project
 152AdamsonCelesteImproving the Webinar Experience: Differences in Presenter Movement and Visual Feeds2011Project
 151BouchardBrooksDisplay Control Compatibility of Interface/Input Controls in Massively Multiplayer
Online Video Games
 150ChapmanPatrickImpact of Key Size Differences on Smartpone Text Input Performance by Two-Thumb Expert
 149UmayamJennifer R.The effects of font type, backlight, and screen type on readability2011Project
 148MerceMicaelaThe relative effectiveness of different video training formats2011Project
 147EkKatieDesigning for conservation: How visual display of feedback motivates a change in household
energy use
 146LorenzKortnie M.Effects of passenger cell phone conversations on driver performance2011Project
 145AtkinsonKatieMobile device use and handedness2011Project
 144YuNicoleThe reading experience: A comparison across Kindle, iPad, and hardcopies2011Project
 143HerculesJacobImproving user comprehension of unfamiliar concepts in a one-time-use interface2011Project
 142MatsumotoRyosukeEffect of multi-touch technology on the efficiency and the accuracy of cursor control
 141BasraRubyUsability evaluation of public library websites through heuristic analysis and user
 140DinakarDeepalakshmiDoes the length of an interruption make it more disruptive? Examining the effect of
video replay to aid recovery from interruption
 139UrdanetaLina MariaEffecs of menu design on performance and preference on multi-touch mobile device applications2011Project
 138LiangJiaSoft keyboard design for one-handed thumb typing on touch screen mobile phone2011Project
 137MasudaKiyokoA print dialog box with a hierrchical tree diagram and feedback2011Project
 136SinghShailjaRecall and recognition of online ads2011Project
 135SpencerKatherineEvaluating Trademark Design2011Thesis
 134CabrallChristopher DAircraft Deconfliction Responsibility Across En Route Sectors in NextGen Separation
 133FreemanBeverlyUsing eye tracking to cue retrospective think-aloud2010Thesis
 132HaysStephenA human factors approach to the design of commercial spaces2010Project
 131TieuJeweleehSingle-handed chord keyboard: a learning curve study on training method, musical experience,
and reaction time
 130KovacevicJanaDoes finger size affect perfomance on virtual versus physical qwerty keyboards on
mobile devices?
 129LeeMichaelAn investigation into different strategies for making tables on computer displays
easier to read
 128MohlajeeAnjaliThe relationship between spatial ability and metaphors in speech interface design2010Project
 127NurksePeterUser interface visual simplicity and functionality in a consumer product2010Project
 126PayumoPelagioQuantification of variable driving distractions2010Project
 125SarrafNiloufarTraditional versus social search engine: will they rescue us from drowning in the
ocean of web resources?
 124SnyderDavidEffects of input type and task complexity onperformance with a multi-touch interface2010Project
 123YeWieze VivienneSelf checkout system overview and comparison2010Project
 122YuenGaryThe effects of different types of progressive disclosure on information gathering
of an online shopping site
 121ZamoraJenniferToolbar evaluation: analyzing the design of icons on user performance2010Project
 120AcharyaShanthiA study of wayfinding with interactive maps2009Project
 119BenoJamesEffect of telepresence light and ambient light on glare and appearance2009Thesis
 118BreauxAmyEvaluating the intuitiveness and effectiveness of two alternative adjustable keyboards2009Project
 117GundersonSheriA study of visual displays of data objects2009Project
 116HarpD’AnneEffects of MP3 modality on driving performance and workload2009Thesis
 115HullJonathanAnalysis of mental models of users with respect to continuous undo and time2009Project
 114PakhunCarolineA comparison of mobile pedestrian wayfinding aids: Garmin nuvi GPS and iPhone maps2009Project
 113Loconte IIIVitoConsumers’ comprehension of food product dating2009Project
 112LosasicoJoanneUsability evaluation of a moderator dashboard2009Project
 111LuekeJamieSalience coding and multimodal design for children diagnosed with auditory process
 110MillerJamieInvestigating how individual differences impact usability: designing a web application
for the SJSU subject pool
 109OstremJeanEye tracking and interactive TV interfaces2009Project
 108PandeleaSofiaBest approaches in design of electronic book readers2009Project
 107ShriniwarAartiEffect of cognitive workload on user satisfaction and performance with an iphone parking
 106ThompsonRichard PaulHuman factors evaluation of a current sign, four redesigns according to results, and
a comparison of the designs and elements
 105WestendorfPatrickAn evaluation of a mouse flick gesture for the back and forward navigation buttons
in web browsers using alternate mouse devices
 104BurchardMichauxUsability evaluation of two popular building evacuation chairs by novice users2008Project
 103CarasMichelleDesigning a health
 102HomolaJeffrey R.Analysis of human and automated separation awareness at varying traffic levels2008Thesis
 101HoustonHillaryDevelopment of trail signage for American hiking trails2008Thesis
 100HsiaoShannanAnalysis and redesign of SFJAZZ.org2008Project
 99PetersKirstenInfluence of ten-pin bowling proficiency on upper extremity movement characteristics
and performance in first-time Wii-bowling
 98SantosRogerA comparative study of information presentation methods used in a auto insurance claims
management system
 97SarkisianGregoryThe salience and effectiveness of amusement ride safety warning signs2008Project
 96WilliamsAprilAn investigation on integrating landmarks into online driving directions2008Thesis
 95ZouXiaopengImprovements on how to present neighborhood information to first-time home buyers
on real estate websites
 94ByrdMarieA study of endurance risk factors in Bay area commercial fishermen2007Thesis
 93CohenMichalUsability Evaluation and Redesign of BART Ticket Vending Machine2007Project
 92CollettiLauraSleep/wake cycles of personnel working a Mars day2007Project
 91DevlinLisaA study of firearms mode indicators2007Project
 90GinTina MarieEffects of computer effectiveness training on posture2007Project
 89JohnsonKristinNavigation labels: issues related to length and quality2007Thesis
 88KravitzJames FrakesEffects of input device on different age groups performing goal-oriented tasks2007Thesis
 87LawDavidA rapid ethnographic study of digital audio workshop environments2007Project
 86*LebbosNahidaMouse device and method of support on muscular activity *Winner of the 2007 SJSU Outstanding
Thesis award
 85LewisPaulaErgonomic assesssment of injury data and risk associated with a manufacturing facility
of distilled spirits
 84MakanawalaPrerna TejeshUsability research and improved UI design for RFx bid comparison analysis tool2007Project
 83MercerJoeyAirborne spacing and merging in the terminal area2007Project
 82RenemaFritzThe effect of simulated visual vibration on a concept crew exploration vehicle (CEV)
advanced caution and warning system
 81TamY.T. JaniceVisual momentum in window management2007Project
 80WhiteBrent-Kaan WilliamApplying decision support to design2007Thesis
 79ChooLisa SuyinIdentifying information for the multi sector planner2006Thesis
 78DavisTheresa E.Guidelines for speech user interfaces2006Thesis
 77DelsaerNathalieThe saucepan handle: is it time for evolution?2006Thesis
 76ElyacyJawidA user-centered design approach to developing a Boolean logic aiding system2006Thesis
 75Garcia-ChicoJose LuisA human factors analysis of operational errors in ATC : the TCAS case study2006Thesis
 74GrubaughWilliam DouglasMotor skill training via dynamic computer generated graphics2006Thesis
 73KugelSabinaCell phone icon recognition by older adults2006Thesis
 72KuoElaineHow levels of chat fluency in instant messaging affect task performance and interaction
 71LoewenhardtRuthAnalysis of bread bag closures for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis2006Thesis
 70PadillaJenniferAn evaluation of wireless phone text-messaging2006Thesis
 69ToonKellyUsability of vehicle navigation systems in novice versus experienced users2006Thesis
 68WallachDavidRedesign of a backpack’s strap system for enhanced usability while rock climbing2006Project
 67ZuverinkDavidProduct design for seniors-applying contextual inquiry to identify photo management
 66*CangianoGastonIn search of patterns in incident reports : a syntactic approach *Winner of the 2005
SJSU Outstanding Thesis award
 65ConcepcionJose R.Assistive technologies based on synthetic speech : interface compatibility2005Thesis
 64DaoArik-Quang V.The effect of kinesthetic and spatial information in manual control performance2005Thesis
 63DevineHeather HamptonEffect of scroll bar and navigation menu co-location on web performance2005Thesis
 62Granata-ClarkKimErgonomic analysis of posture among members of a landscape tree crew2005Thesis
 61GuneratneEromiEffects of integrating weather onto a synthetic terrain2005Thesis
 60HixsonV. J.Effect of Rater Background on Objectivity2005Thesis
 59HuangKristen S.Effect of ambient noise on the comprehension of synthetic speech2005Thesis
 58KelsoDanEffects of frequent, active microbreaks during computer operation2005Thesis
 57LangerDawn ArmstrongErgonomic product intervention and training on productivity and comfort2005Thesis
 56MurphyRobertThe effect of target color and contrast on movement time in aimed movement tasks2005Thesis
 55SchultzKristineEvaluating written ergonomic material among sheet metal workers2005Thesis
 54TalvensaariMichaelThin vs. thick client enterprise web applications2005Thesis
 53TingleySusanErgonomics training and office employees’ attitude, awareness, and knowledge2005Thesis
 52UlreyRobertErgonomic training and fear appeal: impact on behavior and intention2005Thesis
 51WagnerFrances MaryComparing office ergonomics test scores between injured and non-injured workers2005Thesis
 50WeberFrederickEffects of processing code on driving safety during simulated mobile phone use2005Thesis
 49WehnerMark EdwardVisual recall cues for internet passwords2005Thesis
 48AlvaradoMelissa MarieEffects of computer input device on movement time and error among older adults2004Thesis
 47KingsburgJennifer RoseA comparison of three-level menu navigation structures for web design2004Project
 46LeeThomas G.Using rotation cues to aid cursor manipulation with control-display misalignment2004Thesis
 45LilienJanice SerafineEffect of graphic input device and repetition on wrist posture2004Thesis
 44NaylorLydiaThe effect of blink on attention capture in web-based design2004Thesis
 43RogersDeidreEvaluating spacing of practice effects on the learning of shortcut keys2004Thesis
 42SleeterMelissaDriven to distraction : when drivers talk on cell phones2004Thesis
 41StarrSamanthaThe effect of attention-capturing salient speech disruptions on ATC performance2004Thesis
 40TaubeElisa AnnA usability comparison of e-commerce shopping cart designs2004Thesis
 39ZhaoSerena M.Product culturalization2004Thesis
 38AlnaserMusaedEffect of chair design on ratings of discomfort2003Thesis
 37GallantMandy W.Evaluation of electronic text display modes for small screen devices2003Thesis
 36OyungRaymondActivity and light exposure patterns in flight crew2003Thesis
 35PhillipsLindaEffect of computer input device on speed and accuracy of older adults2003Thesis
 34PiccianoPaulTime vs. certainty : pilot preference and conflict alerting in free flight2003Thesis
 33RoweCassyImproving the usability of a financial educational tool2003Thesis
 32TamLizaEffects of a supersector and color-coded aircraft altitude on ATC performance2003Thesis
 31DelnegroA. RinaSimulated design and analysis of a cognitive prosthetic for Alzheimer’s disease2002Thesis
 30DowellSusanCognitive tunneling: mitigating effects of HUD symbology location2002Thesis
 29JaraDavidAir traffic control specialist performance in shared versus traded states2002Thesis
 28JonesKaren M.The use of moving map technology to prevent wire strikes in helicopter flight2002Thesis
 27KarvatKrupa JoshiComputing postures observed in the living room: effects of a keyboard platform2002Thesis
 26CraneRebecca J.EMG activity of the upper trapezius during computer mouse use in three locations2001Thesis
 25LinsJoanneCoding message criticality level on a data link display2001Thesis
 24PurcellKevin PatrickThe influence of alerts (callouts) on pilot visual attention to an electronic taxi
 23SipesStephen EdwardImage quality reconstruction with neural networks2001Thesis
 22VermaSavita AroraContext in human performance models as applied to dynamic resectorization2001Thesis
 21Voge-LevinLisaA comparison of mouse wrist supports during computer mouse function2001Thesis
 20AustinDavid JamesAn approach to concurrently evaluate human task goals and machine behavior2000Thesis
 19Imam-JaberAmina SuaifaEffects of modeling on
retention and transfer of two motor tasks
 18MontalvoMichaelDetermining the effectiveness of data link communications in the terminal environment2000Thesis
 17AppenrodtKathleen W.Wrist posture during computer mouse with and without chair armrests1999Thesis
 16EnglishJeffrey DalePosture and internet navigation : an observational study1999Thesis
 15GoreBrianModeling distributed cognition: system interaction in free flight1999Thesis
 14GutierrezRichardEvaluation of alarm reduction scheme using simulation software1999Project
 13WilliamsM. J.Simulated design and analysis of a cognitive prosthetic for Alzheimer’s disease1999Project
 12GraeberDavid AndrewAssessing visual attention of pilots while using electronic moving maps for taxiing1998Project
 11SolorzanoSol ElviraEffects of vertical viewing angle and eye blink rate during computer work1998Project
 10CutlerHenry A.Human factors guidelines for the display of uncertain information1997Project
 9FearyMichael S.Control-based vs. guidance-based training and displays for automated vertical flight
 8SmithNancy M.A model-based evaluation of flight crew performance of a new descent procedure1997Project
 7TuDavid ScottThe integration of navigational information for a simulated aircraft taxi task1997Project
 6CashionPatricia A.Space- and object-based attention in the functional visual field1996Project
 5LogsdonElizabeth WallerAn examination of data link autoload and message length1996Project
 4OlsenErik C. B.Evaluating driver performance on the road and in a simulator1996Project
 3SaylorMichiko AnnThe utility of diagramming cockpit preflight procedures1996Project
 2WrightKenneth ScottCharacteristics of alternative keyboard acquisition, setup, use, and benefits : a
survey study
 1MejdalSigAn evaluation of electronic map display features for aircraft ground navigation1995Project