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some cause and effect topics

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50 Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Forget the chicken and the egg — we’ve got 50 cause and effect essay topics that will give students an opportunity to create a logical essay. Our essay topics are designed to spark critical thinking and can be modified for students in elementary, middle and high school. They are grouped by topic for easy student and teacher reference. Feel free to print the entire list for plenty of inspiration for your next cause-and-effect essay assignment!

Politics and Culture Essay Topics

  1. How does political fundraising influence political decision making?
  2. What would be the impact of lowering the voting age?
  3. Choose a recent event in American history that involved another country. What was the cause of America’s actions, and what was the effect?
  4. What causes people to choose to vote or to abstain from voting?
  5. What would be the impact of allowing people to vote online instead of in person?
  6. What aspect of society has been influenced the most by social media and technology?
  7. What causes poverty in America?
  8. What causes homelessness?
  9. What are some of the effects of growing up in poverty for American children?
  10. What are some of the effects of growing up in a wealthy family for American children?
  11. What factors influence a person’s decision to attend or not attend college?
  12. What effect does choosing to attend college have on a person’s life?
  13. Does television affect society’s perception of social issues (for example, same-sex relationships)?
  14. Do protests and other social actions have an effect on social issues?
  15. Is using social media a valid way to protest or raise awareness about an issue?
  16. How has the increased use of cell phones affected our in-person social interactions?
  17. How does scientific research affect the way food is marketed to consumers?
  18. How does scientific research affect the way medicine is marketed to consumers?
  19. What causes one product to be more popular than another product?
  20. What is the greatest determining factor in a child’s life on whether he or she will be a successful adult?

Values and Ethics Essay Topics

  1. What impact does frequent violence (either from war or street violence) have on a community?
  2. What factors make certain communities more peaceful than other communities?
  3. How does the First Amendment affect the way people use social media?
  4. What causes divorce?
  5. What causes addiction?
  6. What impact does the term “broken families” have on children of divorced families?
  7. What causes children to be placed in foster care?
  8. Why do charitable organizations exist?
  9. Why do food pantries exist?
  10. Why do some people choose to bully others?
  11. What causes someone to become truly excellent in his or her career, in athletics, or in another field?
  12. How do music and art affect people?
  13. Is exercise necessary for all humans to maintain their health?
  14. How does a person’s diet affect his or her health?
  15. How does the place you choose to live affect your life?

Big Picture Questions

  1. Who has the greater effect on a person’s life: family or their friends?
  2. What has the greater effect on a person’s life: the country in which the person is born or the person’s gender?
  3. What has the greater effect on a person’s life: financial status or health?
  4. What is the single biggest factor that affects the environment today?
  5. What causes climate change?
  6. What actions need to be taken to make American a stronger country?
  7. What actions need to be taken to make the world a safer, healthier place?
  8. What created our planet?
  9. What is the single largest impact that you think humans will end up having on this planet?
  10. Why did people originally leave their home countries to explore the rest of the world?
  11. How has human curiosity driven human progress?
  12. Has human curiosity had an overall positive or negative effect on the planet?
  13. What caused humans to domesticate animals for labor and companionship?
  14. What are some of the factors that make the world feel smaller and more connected?
  15. What are some of the factors that make the world seem large and difficult to wrap your head around?

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How To Write a Cause and Effect Essay

May 24, 2015
Types of essays

How To Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Cause: Peter Parker stumbled into a hi-tech science lab and was bitten by a radioactive spider.
Effect: Peter became Spiderman and started fighting crime in New York City.

cause and effect

What Is a Cause and Effect Essay

As you can tell from the example, the cause is the reason for something to happen. The effect is the outcome and the impact it makes. That’s cause and effect in a nutshell.

However, if you’re trying to write a proper essay, there are a few formal structural aspects to consider.

In this blog, we explore the cause and effect essay. As usual, we’ve got a list of topics up-front to help you brainstorm. Then we will dive into a step-by-step writing process showing you how easy peasy it is!

In addition, you can contact EssayPro for extra writing and editing help. We can make your essay shine!

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Table Of Contents
  • Cause and Effect Essay Topics
  • Cause and Effect Essay Structure
  • Writing Process
    • Introduction
    • Body Paragraphs
    • Conclusion
  • Final Tips
  • Examples

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essays push students to understand problems, their cause, and the impact they make on a person or a community. In contrast to the constructive problem-solution piece, this essay is more of an observation.

One way to find a good cause and effect essay topic is to look at a problem and how it came to be.

For example, say your hometown always had a problem with garbage and homeless people, but the government didn’t care (background information).

Until one day, the stench had reached your local government building, finding its way through the ventilation shaft and into the board meeting. That’s when the government finally accepted that this is a problem (cause).

On that very meeting, they created a plan which consists of paying homeless people to clean up the garbage. As they say, two birds with one stone (effect).

Here is a list of other relevant and popular cause and effect essay topics:

  1. The causes and effects of slavery in America.

  2. Early divorce in families, how does it affect developing children?

  3. Escapism. Who do certain people have a stronger addiction to drugs?

  4. What causes people to often pick violence over communication?

  5. Growing up in poverty: how does it affect teens’ lifestyle choices?

  6. What causes certain people to turn to religion?

  7. What are the effects of colleges promoting themselves on social media?

  8. What causes stress and how does it affect health?

  9. What are the effects of Apple releasing the same product every year?

  10. The causes and effects of students hating school.

We hope you have found this list helpful! If you have fresh ideas for cause and effect essay topics, write them in the comments, and we will include them in this post.

Cause and Effect Essay Outline

Now that we’re done with theory let’s go over the cause and effect essay structure.

three ways of organizing a cause and effect essay

There are three common ways to organize a cause and effect essay: Multiple Causes One Effect, One Cause Multiple Effects, and the Domino Pattern.

Below, we explore these three patterns with examples from a piece about bullying.

Make sure to choose the one that fits your topic best!

Multiple Causes One Effect

This is a structure perfect for essays in which multiple causes come together to create one effect.

many causes that lead to one effect

Let’s explore the causes and effects of bullying.

  • Introduction (Bullies are lonely and misunderstood)
  • Cause 1 (Kid is screamed at by his dad)
  • Cause 2 (Kid gets bad grades and lots of detention)
  • Cause 3 (Kid is attracted to kids like him, becoming a bully)
  • Conclusion (The bully takes his anger out on the nerdy kid)

One Cause Multiple Effects

This structure is perfect for essays where one lousy choice sparks a chain reaction of effects.

  • Introduction (A bully takes their anger out on the nerdy kid)
  • Effect 1 (The nerdy kid becomes a punching bag)
  • Effect 2 (The nerdy kid starts hating other kids, staying away from parties, etc.)
  • Effect 3 (The nerdy kid invests time into working on their dream)
  • Conclusion (The nerdy kid invents insane new gadget and makes it to Forbes Under 30 List)

Domino Pattern

This pattern is like a fast-paced action movie. One thing leads to another, leads to another, and so on.

  • Introduction (Bully is shouted at by his father)
  • Causal link 1 (Bully goes to school sad and does badly in class)
  • Causal link 2 (Bully’s bad performance puts him in detention)
  • Causal link 3 (After detention, he sees the nerdy kid on the playground having fun, making him angry)
  • Causal link 4 (Bully makes fun of the nerdy kid, and feels better afterward, having let off some steam)
  • Causal link 5 (Bully goes back to his depressing home, the cycle repeats the next day)
  • Conclusion (Bad parenting can turn good kids into bullies, harming the community)

If you want to take your reader on a rollercoaster ride through your essay, this is your structure.

Outlines are great! Why you may ask? They make the writing process super simple!

Writing Process

Now that you have the outline done let’s write the essay .

This next section will explore the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion of your cause and effect essay.

Follow our tips to make it great!


The intro will determine whether your reader will continue reading your paper. That is why it is the most critical part of your essay. Your job here is to hook the reader and give them enough background information to understand the topic.

In this essay, your introduction will be different depending on which pattern you chose. Here are some examples of brief cause and effect essay introductions:

Multiple Causes, One Effect: Bullies aren’t born bullies, they become them. Bad parenting, inadequate schooling, and lousy peer influence can cause any good kid to become a bully. I aim to explore this thesis and present the effects that bullies have on the community in the conclusion.

One Cause, Multiple Effects: The effects of bullying are diverse. Kids become outcasts and punching bags at school. However, this essay will prove how one embarrassing bullying incident can turn that nerdy kid into the next Steve Jobs.

Body Paragraphs

things you need to do in cause and effect essay body

The body paragraphs are where you explore your causes and effects in detail. You want to give the reader a full understanding of your issue. A classic body paragraph must do the following:

  • Present a topic sentence;

  • Present evidence through primary or secondary sources;

  • Offer your evaluations and conclusions based on supporting evidence.

Here are some examples based on cause and effect essay patterns:

Cause Body Paragraph: (Topic Sentence) Bad parenting can lead to kids becoming bullies. (Evidence) Reliable Source 1 shows a statistic that 85% of bullies are a direct result of domestic violence. (Evaluations) In the age of the internet, we must do a better job in educating parents to teach good morals to their children.

Effect Body Paragraph: (Topic Sentence) Kids become outcasts as a result of bullying. (Evidence) Reliable Survey 1 talked to 50 outcast kids who said that they prefer to spend time alone. This is a result of being picked on and humiliated by other kids. (Effect and evaluation) There is a positive effect to this, as these kids spend more time on self-development which can benefit their future.


things you need to do in cause and effect essay conclusion

In a cause and effect essay, the conclusion is super important. When using one of the abovementioned patterns, your effects or evaluations will be stated in the conclusion.

There are three things you must do in your conclusion:

  • Restate the thesis;

  • Show the implications of your cause or effect;

  • Leave the reader with something to think about; offer a call to action if needed.

We have an entire blog post dedicated to writing great conclusion paragraphs. Be sure to check it out!

Bullying Cause and Effect Essay Conclusion: (Restating Thesis) Good kids can quickly grow up to be bullies. Statistics show that their transformation is usually a result of their surroundings. (Implications) As a result, they take their anger out on other kids, hurting the community. (Food for thought) Perhaps to become good again, every bully needs a friend.

Wrapping It Up: Final Tips

An excellent essay is not only about writing. The real craft lies in proofreading and editing.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful, and now you can quickly write a cause and effect essay. That being said, here are some final tips that you should consider:

  • Pick a topic that is significant or fun for you. If you pick a boring topic, your writing will suffer from a distinct lack of interest. Writing an essay is not exactly the most fun experience. Writing on a topic you don’t like can be a downer.
  • Brainstorm before writing. Getting all your creative ideas out on paper will help organize your essay in the long run. If you care about the quality of your piece, brainstorming is the first thing you should do, before even writing an outline.
  • Make a catchy essay title . We’ve got one: Kanye must be crazy: what are the effects of not taking medication for mental health? It’s both trendy and academic!
  • Use software to check for grammar and make your text easy to read. Grammarly, Hemingway, and Thesaurus are your best friends when it comes to essay writing!
  • Check your formatting! We have a formatting guide on our blog for reference.
  • You should leave your essay for a weekend and come back to proofread it with a fresh mind!
  • Family and friends might offer some ideas you’ve never thought about. Don’t be shy to show your work to them.

And there you have it!

After this guide, writing a cause and effect essay is like a walk in the park. You can do it!


The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Cause and effect essay example

Cause And Effect Of Homelessness

Cause and effect essay example

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