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10 things to know about CLAT GK Preparation

CLAT has always been as a test of surprises. GK has not been an exception, either. If you have followed CLAT GK section over the last five years, you would have noticed the following –

 How is CLAT GK changing?

  1. Current Affairs (CA) coverage has been on the rise every year. From 24-25 CA questions every year till CLAT 2013, the count changed to 35-36 in CLAT 2015/16. In CLAT 2017, entire section was CA, except one question. The trend is unlikely to change. Same is true for other law exams.
  2. Last five years have seen higher coverage of topics like international news/forums, government & politics, business & economy, sports, science & technology.
  3. New question types like app/portal/hi-tech launches are catching examiners’ attention e.g.
    1. Online grievance monitoring portal by union government for Indians living abroad OR
    2. ‘RuPay prepaid cards’ service launched by IRCTC (Both from CLAT 2015)
  4. Significance of static GK topics like Indian history, physical & world geography, trade terminologies, days & dates, national insignia & superlatives has reduced over the years. However, students need to prepare for them, since static GK based questions are asked in other exams like SET (Law), IPU (Law) and Mah Law CET.
  5. Topics like culture & religion, general sciences, Indian geography & establishments, books & authors hardly appear in CLAT now.
  6. Legal GK is increasingly covered in Legal Aptitude section & less often in GK section.
  7. Wider coverage of International appointments/people in news & country specific events is being questioned, e.g.
    1. Which is the first country to have begun shutting down entire FM radio network to be replaced by Digital Audio Broadcasting? OR
    2. Which country 3D–printed a home of 37 sq.mts? OR
    3. Which shoe company in the US has won IPR dispute against China recently for using their logo?
    4. Who called the immigration the ‘Trojan horse of Terrorism’? (All from CLAT 2017)
  1. A few questions needed second level of reading to answer them correctly. They asked specific details which may have been missed by those who focused only on headlines
    1. India emerged as the  ___________ largest holder of US Government Securities at the end of 2016 (Options had ranks like 12th, 15th, 24th, 28th)
    2. How many billionaires India has lost since demonetisation on November 8, 2016?
    3. India’s voting rights at the IMF increased from 2.3 % to ____
    4. Till the end of 2016, the total number of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in India is ___ (All from CLAT 2017)

What are the takeaways?

  1. This clearly indicates that the conventional method of GK preparation in one liner Q & A format will be of limited help. Regular reading of a daily newspaper like The Hindu is a MUST. Rather than focusing on headlines alone, second level information surrounding the news is equally important.
  1. Going ahead, develop a habit of ‘visualising’ and ‘assimilating’ every event that you come across in ‘news-narration’ format. Specifically for news from highly important topics mentioned at the beginning, make your own notes covering news & narration having 2-3 bullets. Thus, you will prepare for the ‘core’ news & ‘peripheral’ details. Hence, in addition to ‘obvious’ knowledge, you would have gained ‘not-so-obvious’ knowledge about an event. This will turn out to be a clear scoring differentiator over the others.

For more tips on CLAT GK preparation, refer to the blogs below on IMS Law page:

Hum ‘GK’ kya karenge   &

Hum ‘GK’ Kaise Karenge


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What are the most important topics in static GK for CLAT?

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6 Answers

Shretima Shrivastava

Shretima Shrivastava , studied at West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Originally Answered: Which is the best book for static GK for CLAT?

For the Basic necessary knowledge:

  1. General Knowledge by Arihant (Manohar Pandey)
  2. Lucent GK (Subjective)

For advanced knowledge

  1. Pratiyogita Darpan in Polity, Modern and Medieval History.
  2. Lucent GK (Objective)

They were the books I referred to, there may be more.

Your feedback is private.
Is this answer still relevant and up to date?

Akash Yaduvanshi

Akash Yaduvanshi , CLAT Educator at Unacademy (2018-present)

Ancient, Medieval History & World History – Buddism & Jainism, Delhi Sultanate & Medieval India, French and American Revolution etc)

Modern History – 1760AD – 2017AD (Pre and Post Independence, Important Events, Persons, Movements and Missions)

Geography – Indian Political and Physical Geography, World Geography, Indian Economic Geography, Universe and Earth.

Economics – Discussion of Indian Economics, Union Budget, RBI, SEBI, World Economy and recent events

.Science (includes Physics, Chemistry & Biology) – Atomic Structures, Nuclear Reactions, Acids and Bases, Inorganic & Organic Chemistry, Newton Laws, Motion, Work, Energy & Power, Gravitation, Sound, Optics, Environment, Green House Effect, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Cytology and Genetics etc

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John , Fond of visiting knowledgeable websites like or wikipedia

Originally Answered: Which is the best book for static GK for CLAT?

For static GK , you can refer Lucent.

If you want to study online then i would suggest to visit :: GK Planet .

The good thing about this website is that the content is precise and to the point. So you can grab more in very less time.

Arghya Samaddar

Arghya Samaddar , Follower of CLAT, BA LLB (Hons) at Institute Of Law, Nirma University

Originally Answered: Which is the best book for static GK for CLAT?

Let me prudently rank the books in terms of quality when it comes to CLAT preparation-

  1. Lucent GK Book
  2. Pearson GK Book
  3. GK book of Tarun Goyal
  4. GK Book of Barry Obrien

These would suffice

Sridevi Telugu

Sridevi Telugu , BA (Honours) Sociology & Political Science, Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Hello!! Static gk plays a main role along with current affairs in clat paper. And for this , there is a lot to focus on…

  1. Indian history(medieval and modern)
  2. Indian polity(acts,amendments,articles etc.)
  3. Basic science
  4. Indian geography
  5. World history (important wars,treaties etc.)
  6. World geography
  7. Countries:capitals and currencies
  8. Census data
  9. Economics(macro)
  10. Environment
  11. Current affairs.

Apoorva Agrawal

Apoorva Agrawal , B.A.LLB (Hons) from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law

The main component of Static Gk in CLAT is Indian History, apart from basic knowledge of science. You should also know about the working of the government, its main agencies and parliament.

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