Some of the main themes in this book are childhood and innocence, human nature and friendship.



Innocence is an extremely important theme is this book. Both of the boys have a common child innocence, both not damaged by the horrible things in this world yet. In their separate worlds, they’re meant to hate each other. Despite the opinions of their parents and people around them, they still come to interact and share none of the hatred thoughts like the influences around them. The comparison of such innocence with the essential evil of the Holocaust sets a moving tone.



Friendship is another important theme is this book. Bruno and Shmuel come from two completely different worlds but both share the need of companionship when going through a difficult and lonely time. As their friendship begins, and starts to develop into a deeper friendship, it’s tested on different occasions. Bruno denies knowing Shmuel and giving him food, in which Shmuel gets in trouble. The two boys knew that if anyone was to find out about their friendship, they would get in terrible trouble, so they keep it a secret from everyone.


Human Nature

Human nature is my last theme, but also prove to be the centre of the story. You begin to question how Bruno’s father and sister can be such devoted believers in the information the Nazi’s provide. Where Bruno stays compassionate and unaffected by the same ideas. Bruno and Shmuel represent all the decent and good in humans, where Bruno’s father and Lieutenant Kotler represent a human’s capability to do such evil.


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