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Whats the funniest 5 Min lesson/Presentation you have seen?

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Whats the funniest 5 Min lesson/Presentation you have seen?

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War Hero

I’ve ran a quite a few DIT/BIT courses in my time and have seen some very funny 5 Min lessons. does anyone know of others they have seen or given?
Here’s the recent ones;

1. How to Catch/Prepare/Cook a Fish
2. Face Painting for beginners
3. Laser pen Demo with target practice.

A man may fight for many things. His country, his friends, his principles, the glistening tear on the cheek of a golden child. But personally, I’d mud-wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock and a sack full of French porn.




5 Minutes of why women go to the toilet in pairs! V. funny and educational!
Wolves, like the Indian, choose their mates wisely and do not part ’til death; making the two spiritually entwined.




On my JNCO cadre, a presentation showing the main parts of an SLR using a sooty hand puppet as a prop. He got an A and is now a WO2 :D
God is a stand up comedian playing to an audience too scared to laugh




How to fall asleep during a leadership cadre and not get caught

It even had its own pneumonic SLEEP

Snoring – Its a dead giveaway
Line of sight – Always ensure someone is between you and the instructor
Entrances – Keep a note of where they are, beware course DS entering from sidedoors unexpectantly
Elbows – Wedged on desks and hands jammed under chin, usefull to support the head and stop it rolling about, positon your pen to resemble taking notes
Premature awakening – If you wake with a start, don’t shout, flinch or launch your pen in the air

"Either way, a big Primark at 5.30pm on a Saturday is the closest you’ll get to a physical manifestation of the mind of a pre-menstrual woman."




mate of mine did "piles" signs & symptoms.

he struggled all the way through to keep a straight face.

Mr. Chard Sir! Patrol has come back, Zulus have gone, all of ’em. It’s a miracle! If it’s a miracle Colour Sergeant, it’s a short chamber Boxer Henry, point 45 caliber miracle. And a bayonet Sir! With some guts behind it!




mate of mine did one about the military bootlace went on for about 45 Min’s.

it was very good.

kills bugs dead




sex life of a matchstick.
49 Para Close Recce troop. Motto "your Bush is our Home"




My mate at Westbury TCB, a lecturette on "cutting rug on the dance floor" hilarious.




It was much longer than 5 mins, and it was on a relatively serious subject but the funniest lecture I saw in the Army was the "Medical" talk given by a RAMC Cpl on pre Yugoslavia training. Thsi was to over 200 troops of ranks from Private to Major.

He was hilarious, and his talk was without a doubt the highlight of the course.

Even the rather serious Lt Col running things got up at the end and said "How the f**k am I meant to follow that?"





OPTAG 2004, the cinema in Sennelager packed to the rafters. Every bloke in there thinking the same "can’t be fookin arrsed with this"

In the audience is every rank from private to brigadier……….

Out walks a WO2 medic type. The subject i think was health and hygiene in foreign climes…………………

Therein followed one of the funniest and most controversial lectures i have ever been privvy to!!!

I may be wrong but i’m sure this man’s opening gambit was " if yer a dirty cünt out in the field you are gonna be a liability to yourself, your mates and the blokes that will CASEVAC your disease riddled arrse!!!"

This lecture contained EVERY anglo saxon word known to man and was very very un-p.c. Bearing in mind the instructional techniques outlined by the army i.e. no swearing etc………it was fookin amazing………..and guess what i remember it!!!!……………i was sat 2 rows behind the Brig and he was pissing himself for 45 minutes.

awesome :D





BlotBangRub said:
It was much longer than 5 mins, and it was on a relatively serious subject but the funniest lecture I saw in the Army was the "Medical" talk given by a RAMC Cpl on pre Yugoslavia training. Thsi was to over 200 troops of ranks from Private to Major.

He was hilarious, and his talk was without a doubt the highlight of the course.

Even the rather serious Lt Col running things got up at the end and said "How the f**k am I meant to follow that?"

Click to expand…

It was a LCpl who gave the briefing to us, and yes, it was pant wettingly funny.

On my Class1 course, a mate was stitched up by another mate, and was given a 5 min lecture on Bell Ringing. Using other members of the course as ‘Bells'( each with his own tone/ sound), ‘D’ went on to give an absolutely brilliant lecture






One of the funniest I ever saw was when a student was doing the demo part of E.D.I.P. on a B.I.T. course several years back.

Just for the record he was teaching a highly original ‘Origami’ T.P. for his 20 min skills.

Anyway on the demo he filled his origami cup (Paper) up with water, thereby proving that the said origami cup could hold liquids.

Not satisfied with that, he then proceeded to hold it above a member of the class (His head.) At that point the paper cup decided to release its contents upon the poor unsuspecting person below.

At that moment all hell broke loose as a very wet & angry fijian :x leapt out of his chair looking like he was about to do ‘The Cibi’ :dance: on a very red faced & apologetic B.I.T. student. :oops:

And of course it was all caught on the trusty Trg Wg camcorder. :D


My sperm ducts
You had a good innings
Sad to say goodbye





How to change a nappy.

Complete with shite smeared "before" example which the instructor then used to explain how to check your childs health.

Judge the colour of the shite.
and finally of course taste.

Had half the course heaving. :)

I am 90% sure that it was a Mars bar smear on the nappy but knowing the bloke who did the lecture perhaps not :?

Growing old is mandatory, growing wise is optional
Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes. Vel vos utor Google




How to change a nappy with practical demo – top humour – plenty of opportunity for inuendo :wink:

The humorous pre-op medical brief is in fact largely scripted and has it’s origins in the briefs given in antiquity by 2 Geordie environmental health technician/sexually transmitted disease nurse WO1 & WO2’s known as ‘Tab’ and ‘Fook-off’ respectively. The subject matter does lend itself to stench pipe humour however and is guaranteed to raise a laugh.

Edited for bone spelling

‘I’m not going to change your sheets again Mr Hastings’




nurse_ratched said:
How to change a nappy with practical demo – top humour – plenty of opportunity for inuendo :wink:

The humorous pre-op medical brief is in fact largely scripted and has it’s origins in the briefs given in antiquity by 2 Geordie environmental health technician/sexually transmitted disease nurse WO1 & WO2’s known as ‘Tab’ and ‘Fook-off’ respectively. The subject matter does lend itself to stench pipe humour however and is guaranteed to raise a laugh.

Edited for bone spelling

Click to expand…

Its been updated alot since "Tab"”s day – but granted some of the jokes are the same

does anyone read the signature block?




I had the (mis)fortune of watching an airborne loggie give a lesson on how to shave your pubes. The lesson began with a set of clippers on a desk and said loggie in Asslt Boots and leopard skin print thong! The thong didn’t stay on for long. IIRC the aim, incentive and reason why all revolved around the fact that it made his c0ck look bigger! :lol:
I could match my wage in civvy street but then I’d have to do some work!




Once saw a lad give a lesson on how to spark up a ciggy covertly in the field. All this entailed was him sparking a smoke up in the classroom and showing everyone how to cup the smoke in the palm of his hand and smoke away!
Don’t sit on the fence, it will jag your arrse.

Dougal: Oho, Ted, the Italians know about football, all right. And fashion. God Ted, do you remember that man who was so good at fashion, they had to shoot him?

fcuk him, if he’s too slow, he’s dead!




BlotBangRub said:
It was much longer than 5 mins, and it was on a relatively serious subject but the funniest lecture I saw in the Army was the "Medical" talk given by a RAMC Cpl on pre Yugoslavia training. Thsi was to over 200 troops of ranks from Private to Major.

He was hilarious, and his talk was without a doubt the highlight of the course.

Even the rather serious Lt Col running things got up at the end and said "How the f**k am I meant to follow that?"

Click to expand…

Was that at Westdown in ’96? I remember it particualrly because he warned us that alcoholism could not be treated by going "cold turkey". funnily enough that night they allowed us to have a few ales!

They used to say if an infinite number of chimps typed we would get the works of Shakespeare, the internet has proved this is NOT the case…




Cuddles, it was somewhere on Salisbury Plain in a very cold and snowy December in 1998.




A few years ago I saw someone get up to do a 5 min ice breaker. He stood in front of the class, gripped the lectern as if he was trying to rip the top off it, looked around the class with wide staring eyes at which point he went deathly white and started violently shaking the lectern before falling to the floor and fitting uncontrollably.



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Top-notch study tips for A+ students

Funny Informative Speech Topics: Beware the Infectious Laughter!

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By Daisy

  • essay topics
  • speech writing

students raising hands to ask question during seminar

One of the greatest problems of the scholarly world is the lack of humorous issues. So why not jazz it up? How about creating one of those humorous speeches the public is always so delighted to listen to? Making a couple of funny informative speech topics is easier than it seems.

Funny informative speech topics creation: check out some useful tips

Like any other speech, speaking on informative issues has certain peculiarities.  Custom-writing.org team picked up informative topics for speech writing for you. But first, make sure that you have followed these tips for  successful informative speaking :

  • Select the broad topic you are going to use for the speech.
  • Choose a problem to devote your speech to.
  • Think of a funny way to introduce the issue and develop it.
  • Use your sense of humor when analyzing the issue and offering your ideas.
  • Avoid being offensive and basing your speech on prejudices.
  • Plan both funny and serious parts – the audience must have some rest from rolling with laughter!

Once you have considered each of these components when choosing funny topics for an informative speech, you can be 100% sure that your informative persuasive speech will rock.

Funny informative speech topics: splendid suggestions for essays

Check out this list of humorous informative and persuasive speech topics, and you will find a plethora of ideas to devote your funny speech to.

Pick a speech topic on health:

  1. Gesundheit! Institute : when laughter helps people
  2. A human is no king of nature: ten reasons to throw people off the throne
  3. The wonders of genetic science: it’s chemistry that does the mix
  4. How to become obese in a matter of no time: unhealthy food
  5. Busting myths of bad habits: picking the nose with an easy conscience

Like any other speech, informative speeches can be devoted to sport:

  1. The world’s most unbelievable record breakers
  2. Going extreme: most hilarious sports ever
  3. Laziness vs. enthusiasm: reasons people don’t take up sports
  4. Are sport and intelligence in reverse proportion to one another?
  5. The most hilarious things sportscasters have ever said

Now check out these informative topics for speech that you can choose for the business domain:

  1. Unusual ways of making a business: a fun way to succeed
  2. Workplace yoga : do not let routine bring you down
  3. The unbelievable history of the world’s greatest corporations
  4. The difficulties and problems of being a millionaire: poor fortunate souls
  5. How to fail a good deal: the ultimate way to do it all wrong

Pick a good informative topic on the problems of understanding in the world:

  1. Greatest misconceptions in the world and what they led to
  2. Why people lie: no more pants on fire
  3. The power of the human brain: telepathy, levitation, and math
  4. World’s unexplainable phenomena: open your eyes
  5. The most efficient ways to escape from reality: reading, role-playing, and chatting online

If you want an up-to-date topic on informative speech, keep in mind that topics concerning education are the most popular:

  1. If students and teachers switched places: learn to stand in each other’s shoes
  2. Stereotypical images of teachers and students: there must be a grain of truth in them
  3. The lamest student excuses for missing lectures
  4. School paradox: subjects you will never need but still have to learn
  5. The most unbelievable means of cheating during exams

An informative speech topic on music might also come in handy and get you a perfect mark:

  1. The most pointless mainstream music lyrics ever
  2. Musical genius in real life: the hard truth some people have to live with
  3. Something you have already heard: songs that sound practically the same
  4. The most annoying songs in the world: why they exist
  5. Musicians’ funniest nicknames and where they come from: the epitome of comedy

The humorous topics you choose as your informative presentation topics will influence your grade – so treat these ideas for informative speech topics carefully!

Remember – these are only a few  informative speech topics ideas, but there are far more topics you can find and talk about. With a good informative topic, speech ideas will be conveyed efficiently – so pick one of those incredible informative topics for a speech! And don’t forget to take a look at the experts’ ideas for an informative speech below.

Funny informative speech topics: read one crucial piece of advice

Whether you’re choosing informative topics for presentation or any other assignment , there’s an important tip you must follow. Remember:

A good joke for funny informative persuasive speech topics is a joke that makes people think. Convince people that you’re talking about really important things – make them laugh with the help of your funny informative speech topics!

Giving a speech is challenging. When delivering a speech, many people feel like they are sitting on a cactus. Adding humor makes your speech more interesting and helps cut down on your own stress.

Being funny in front of a live audience and being able to charm every one of them is not an easy task—it is a real art. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be mastered with some practice.

If you need to find a funny informative speech topic, you can choose absolutely any topic from numerous lists of funny, informative speech topics available on the web. In fact, any life situation can be looked at and talked about from a humorous approach. Your speech topic should be informative, but that doesn’t mean that the information has to be really valuable. If you try adding some fun when talking about serious questions, you can possibly elicit a good laugh from a huge crowd.

Use these funny, informative speech topics just as they are, or get inspired by them to create some of your own. Either way, with enough practice, you’ll become a real star among the wide audience you intend to please with your unbearably funny speech.

How to write and deliver great funny informative speeches

Do you long to deliver great humorous speeches? Just remember these 5 keys to success.

  1. Understanding the purpose of your speech

The main goal of your speech is to impart knowledge in an entertaining way by incorporating humor. Think of humor as a tool to relay your informative speech message to your audience.

  1. Understanding humor

You should understand humor’s varieties if you want to use it effectively to suit your audience, your speech topic, and the occasion.

  1. Integrating humor

It goes without saying that when we add humor to our speech presentations, we make them more effective and more memorable. But as it often happens, the more we try, the worse it gets. Study how to use humor effectively to avoid uncomfortable speeches or awkward situations.

  1. Storytelling and characterization

Learn to use humorous stories and anecdotes in your funny speech presentations.

  1. Rehearsal + practice = great funny speeches

170 more topics to check out

  1. Five weird medical facts that no one can explain
  2. What will humans look like in the future?
  3. Why do hiccups occur and how to stop them
  4. Do we really need this? The most useless body parts
  5. Beware of the snake: how venom affects a human body
  6. Surprising facts about the history of medicine
  7. Craziest medical treatments in history: from dead mice to urine therapy
  8. Ancient remedies we still use
  9. What not to do if you have a cold
  10. Is drinking really a bad habit? How alcohol affects your body – in a right way
  11. You are what you eat: weirdest things found in patients’ bodies
  12. What would happen to our bodies if we lived on Mars?
  13. Bizarre sports you didn’t know existed until now
  14. Most famous fails in baseball
  15. Why is America the only country that is crazy about baseball?
  16. Tallest basketball players of all times
  17. Funny incidents at the Olympics: from 1980 until now
  18. What the first Olympic Games probably looked like
  19. What if men wore the same uniform as women in professional sports
  20. I’m too old for that, and other excuses people make to avoid sports
  21. Can sports make you smarter? The science behind sports
  22. The hidden danger of school sports: beware of the ball!
  23. The secret power of e-sports: what can video games teach us?
  24. Video games that made our childhood better
  25. Craziest business ideas of 2017
  26. Funniest start-up ideas that will bring you money
  27. Things you shouldn’t say in your motivation letter
  28. How to trick customers: clever marketing hacks
  29. Best and worst adverts of the year
  30. How Apple changed the global marketing game
  31. Worst tips for promoting your products online
  32. If Facebook ads are so annoying, why do companies use them? Benefits of targeted ads
  33. Becoming a dream employee: impressing your prospective employer at first sight
  34. Millionaires’ morning habits: tips for beginning your day successfully.
  35. Ways creative workers can benefit the business
  36. Reasons people like conspiracy theories so much
  37. We only use 10% of our brain power: myth or reality?
  38. How can procrastination be good for you?
  39. Artificial intelligence: another step to the world’s end?
  40. Weirdest historical events no one can explain yet
  41. If Ancient Greek religion was based on myth, can we say that Christianity is, too?
  42. The most common cognitive biases that affect how we think
  43. Where do stereotypes come from? A socio-historical investigation
  44. Do you need a goal in life to be happy?
  45. Creative people: the drivers of change or a burden for the society?
  46. Time-management tools for dummies or how to meet all your deadlines this term
  47. Tiny things to be happy about that happen to us every day
  48. Scientific reasons to shorten school week and extend holidays
  49. Fun ideas for addressing school bullying and building a positive learning environment
  50. What would school life be like if lessons were taught at night?

  1. Why we should have school parties every week
  2. What did the first schools in history look like?
  3. Stay-at-home students: is distance learning the future of education?
  4. Best and worst reasons to skip your school classes
  5. Surviving the detention: creative activities that could help you pass the time while studying
  6. Reasons teachers shouldn’t give homework for Christmas holidays
  7. Off-duty: what teachers do when they are not teaching
  8. Why some people just can’t do math?
  9. Choosing your school subjects without pressure: study what you like.
  10. Why all pop songs sound the same
  11. Uncovering the science behind hit songs: is there a scientific way to make a good song
  12. How successful songs are made and why are they so catchy
  13. Funny facts about famous composers and musicians
  14. Bizarre conspiracy theories about famous artists
  15. Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj: who is a better role model for kids?
  16. Why do rock stars break their guitars on stage?
  17. Guilty pleasures: why we love and hate popular love songs?
  18. Funniest stage fails of all time – and how they were handled
  19. What will future music industry look like?
  20. Top undeserved Grammy awards of all time
  21. My favorite American Idol and X-Factor stars
  22. Reasons why you and your parents should never be friends on Facebook
  23. Funny ways of decorating your Christmas tree
  24. Tired of counting sheep before falling asleep? Try counting llamas instead!
  25. Choosing your BFF: qualities that make a perfect friend
  26. Ways to surprise your employer in an interview
  27. Vegetarians live longer – and other myths designed to lure you into a healthy lifestyle
  28. Why dogs are human’s best friends – not cats
  29. Fat and fabulous: things to learn from your cat
  30. The dangers of family dinners and how to avoid them
  31. Things you really shouldn’t say on your first date
  32. Things you probably should say on your first date
  33. Procrastination for creative people: what to do when you’re tired of doing nothing

Painter tools

  1. How to clean your room once and for all
  2. Tips on making the best Valentine’s day card ever
  3. Top craziest amusement park rides in the world
  4. Funniest conspiracy theories and why they sound so real
  5. The pros and cons of Hogwarts’ housing system
  6. Why people and their dogs often look alike
  7. A summary of Star Wars – it’s not as confusing as you think
  8. Funny Christmas traditions from all over the world
  9. How would foreign people react to our stereotypes about their countries?
  10. How to know if your pet is plotting a conspiracy against you – signs you should lock your bedroom door at night
  11. Fear of trees and other bizarre phobias you never knew were real
  12. How to make a perfect birthday cake for your mom
  13. Funny reasons why raccoons shouldn’t be kept as pets
  14. Butterflies, cats, and skulls: the real meaning behind common tattoos
  15. The history of tattoo art: from Ancient times till now
  16. Global attractions you must see before you die
  17. Inspiring success stories from millionaires – what does it take to become one?
  18. How to tell if your friends don’t like your sense of humor
  19. Reasons why people find offensive jokes funny
  20. Weirdest things people like to eat – from fried cockroaches to bull testicles
  21. Creative ways of cooking the turkey – perfect for the holiday season
  22. Things we like about TV shows that we don’t get in movies

Girls enjoying interesting tv show

  1. Why young girls shouldn’t be allowed to watch Disney movies
  2. The most likely ending to Game of Thrones
  3. Home Alone: what do people look for in a perfect Christmas movie?
  4. What would the world look like if I ruled it?
  5. Things you really shouldn’t say in public
  6. Surviving college: how to mildly annoy your roommate
  7. How to talk to people you don’t like
  8. Why companies should seek to hire more lazy people
  9. The advertisement has gone wrong: top worst slogans of all time
  10. Things to take with you if you’re left on a desert island
  11. Healthy foods no one likes that are good for you
  12. Things to do at a party to seem cool
  13. Useful tips for saving money in college
  14. How to make a perfect paper airplane in class
  15. Useless things everyone has at their house
  16. Worst presents to give to your sibling
  17. Best ways to sneak snacks into a movie
  18. Why did Pokemon GO become so popular?
  19. Political correctness: have we gone too far?
  20. Best habits to get if you want to live longer
  21. Most expensive buildings in America
  22. Reasons why you shouldn’t eat flowers
  23. The unknown talents of Barack Obama
  24. The New Year’s day in different countries
  25. Tallest buildings in the world: a ranking

Skyscrapper windows

  1. Things that are normal in America but weird in other countries
  2. Famous haunted houses in America: where horror movies come from
  3. Night terrors, anxiety, and other reasons we like horror movies
  4. Why parents shouldn’t set a curfew for their kids
  5. Reality shows: are they real?
  6. Reasons why people love and hate reality shows
  7. Top exciting experiences to add to your bucket list
  8. Top most extensive libraries in the world
  9. How to brainstorm like a pro: natural ways of generating good ideas
  10. Why we shouldn’t mute TV commercials: funniest TV ads of the year
  11. Ice Age as a metaphor for the modern society
  12. A comprehensive guide to ice makers: history, use, and future outlook
  13. The popularity of the YMCA in other countries – is it just an American thing?
  14. Weirdest foods that taste surprisingly great
  15. Ten gross ways of eating a potato
  16. Pineapples on pizza and other foods that have people warring with one another
  17. The funny meaning behind famous brand names
  18. Craziest Harry Potter fan theories you’ve never heard about
  19. Do pets get jealous when you pet other animals?
  20. How to find out what your parents got you for Christmas
  21. Why are some people still denying the fact the Earth is round?
  22. The power of persuasion: how to win any argument in 3 easy steps
  23. My most embarrassing childhood memory
  24. The one time I made my family proud
  25. Tips for staying positive
  26. Funny things to do during Easter holidays
  27. Best pranks for parents that are easy and fun for everyone
  28. Do you need special education to become a YouTube blogger?
  29. How to tell if you are allergic to dihydrogen monoxide – ten bad signs
  30. The unexpected costs of becoming famous on Instagram
  31. Red, white, and blue: what do the colors of the flags really mean?
  32. The newbie: how I came to school for the first time
  33. Foods you never liked as a child that you should try again now
  34. How do magic tricks really work: the science and technology behind grand illusions
  35. Funny rituals and traditions from different parts of the world
  36. Common misconceptions about sheep
  37. The most fun museums in America
  38. Expensive fashion items that no one would ever wear
  39. Becoming immune to pranks: how to keep your cool at all times
  40. Reasons why you should be scared of dentists

Dentist workspace

When you have written your funny, informative speech, you should rehearse it until you can objectively say it is great.

It’s common knowledge that practice makes perfect. And when it comes to humor, practice is even more important. A lot of practice will refine your presentation of a funny, informative speech topic. So practice your funny speech presentation in as many ways as you can! Give your speech in the mirror or on camera, or recruit friends to practice on. The more times you practice your speech, the better you’ll get at delivering those awesome punch lines.

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What would be the best persuasive speech topic to keep the audience interested for 7- 8 min?

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5 Answers

Nick Field

Nick Field

Persuasive speeches are tricky. Either you go for logical persuasion, which requires very deep and irrefutable technical knowledge, you parody logical persuasion (e.g. Vegetarians are destroying the planet by shirking their responsibility to consume methane-producing cows which drive global warming) or you seek to inspire with emotional content, i.e. personal stories. If the latter, think about the common experience with your audience and what you know now which you didn’t realise at their age, e.g. From my own experience:

Being happy in a job is way more important than the prestige or money you get from a bad one

you don’t “find” a good partner, rather you make a good relationship, partly by changing yourself

the most important learning comes from just trying lots of things, and often failing

discipline and people-skills count for a lot more in most career success than raw intellect and technical knowledge

being comfortable with yourself (as you really are, not the airbrushed person you show Instagram/Facebook) is one of the most important achievements to help you in life

Package up stories of your real experience into a speech on a theme like this, weave in plenty of self-deprecating humour, and make sure it’s pitched lightly and gently as what you’ve come to realise/believe, not as a lecture on “how it is”. Most addresses to young people are lectures of one kind or another, so that’s what your audience will expect, “another boring old person telling me what to do”. Surprise them.

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Kriteesh Parashar

Kriteesh Parashar , ed-tech specialist, amateur historian

I say go with education system and role of creativity.

Students are inherently creative, they connect with anyone who talks about it. Talk about music, dance and arts. Talk about these topics, schools preach about creativity in a very rigid manner. Students like open-ended talks regarding these subjects. Try to bring about the unapparent similarity in various forms of art and how art has paved the way for development in ancient and modern cultures.

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Daniel Burns

Daniel Burns

Ill just brainstorm a couple ideas that seem like good topics.

Recently, Ive recognized a huge trend in people turning towards mediocrity.  One good topic could be discussing why you should never settle for underachieving, and how you shouldnt run your life off of simply how much money youd be gaining, instead of finding personal satisfaction in your work.

Another unsavory trend that has existed for countless years is the belief in your own powerlessness; remind them of the many examples in history where the feeling of powerlessness gave into tyranny.

But, there are plenty of nice things to talk about, and i dont remember qualifying for mensa. Good luck!

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David McQueen

David McQueen

Always talk about something you have knowledge on.
Preferably some experience in as well.

We connect to each other through knowledge and through story, so if you can find a personal topic that combines the two you are on to a winner.

Remi Ali

Remi Ali , studied at University of Siena

talk about their future life evloving sexe, financial situation and family responsibilities
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